Ball Valve Casting

Ball valves handle all types of pressure and temperatures. They’re used to shut off liquid flow from a pipe.

Check Valve Casting

Check valves prevent backflow into multiple systems. Use them in combination with pistons, diaphragms and metering pumps.

Control Valve Casting

Control Valves are used to control the flow of liquid by changing the size of the flow passage.

Flame Arrester Mc Casting

A flame arrester allows gas to pass through it but stops flames in order to prevent fire or explosion.

Flame Arrester Raw Casting

Flame arresters stop flames from entering a storage tank or vessel containing a flammable gas or vapor.

Gate Valve Casting

Gate valves are used to either completely shut off or fully open a pipeline to allow the flow of liquid.

Globe Valve Casting

Globe valves regulate and drain corrosive or thick liquids without clogging.

Safety Valve Casting

Safety valves help protect pneumatic systems by releasing pent-up pressure.

Flow Meters

Flow meters require extremely precise internal measurements to accurately measure gas flow in pipelines.