Quality Management

MIRA ALLOY STEELS strives to achieve total customer satisfaction through cost-effective and reliable products with on-time delivery which conform to our customers’ requirements. To make continual improvement in the Products, Process, People and to earn quality reputation and market leadership by involving interested parties relevant to our Quality Management System.

Quality Objectives

To achieve the above statement of quality policy and other quality objectives, MIRA ALLOY STEELS is committed to:


1) Providing adequate resources and assigning trained personnel for management, performance, and verification of work including audit activities.

2) Ensuring that this quality policy is communicated and understood by all in the organization.

3) Implementing and maintaining a quality improvement process through preventive action, internal audits, and management review.

4) Implementing and maintaining a quality system and supporting our Quality Management Procedures.

5) Setting of quality policies and goals.

Company Certifications

Welder Qualifications

MIRA employs technical personnel in its production workforce who are skilled and have the necessary qualifications to deliver quality products and the commitment to customers.
MIRA has welders qualified in all the material grades produced in the foundry.

Test Certificates

MIRA will submit Test Certificates for all castings supplied. In most cases Test Certificates are electronically uploaded into customer Enterprise Systems and emailed in few other cases.

Hard copies of Test Certificates are couriered to customers when requested.