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Steel Casting Foundry

Mira Alloy Steels don’t just manufacture steel components. We deliver quality and peace of mind. As a manufacturer of steel castings, we are committed to delivering the best products and the best customer service.

When you choose Mira Alloy Steels , you are choosing a team of passionate problem solvers who love melting metal into innovative solutions. The “Made in MIRA” tagline isn’t just a saying around here. It’s a badge of honor, and we wear it with pride. So do our products.

Each steel casting is made to the highest quality standards that exceeds expectations, both domestically and internationally. We send our castings by air and by sea to the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the UAE. These numbers continue to grow as more and more customers are referred to us by our existing ones.


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Mira Alloy Steels is a company that has been identified as


  • “preferred supplier” by customers
  • “best choice” by employees
  • “the place to be” by everyone

Integrity: We are straightforward and honest in our professional and business relationship

Confidentiality: We respect customer trust and maintain full confidentiality of their information

Fair Pricing: We charge fair price for the value of product, responsibilities we assume and services we provide

Business Practice: We conduct business in a professional and ethical manner

Suppliers: We select suppliers based on product quality, price, and timely delivery

Competition: We compete fairly and respectfully with our competitors

Working Culture: We value our employees and encourage team work

Our Values

Mira Alloy Steels is a high-performance organization that gains more distinction every year through the quality of product it supplies. We manufacture steel valve components as well as engineering and pump castings. The Made in MIRA symbol has become synonymous with quality products and professional service.

  • High-quality steel castings
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer satisfaction

Our Company

The world market for industrial valves is vast. Our customers depend on our knowledge and understanding of quality steel castings as well as all international standards and procedures.

At MIRA, we take pride in our products and our world-class customer service. We know what it takes to export, and our customer commitment is second to none.

All of this is possible thanks to our amazing employees. MIRA currently has 230 employees, with 50 of them being engineers.

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