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Top Steel Casting Companies in Canada in 2022

Top Steel Casting Companies in Canada in 2022

Steel Casting Companies in Canada

What is Metal Casting and why do we use it?

Metal casting is a process that is thousands of years old and is one of the most influential industrial processes in history! Metal casting is the process of using molten metals and turning it in to products that we use in our daily lives. The process starts by heating up your alloy and creating molten metal. The metal is melted inside a crucible and is then transferred into a mold. Once the metal and mold have become cool, they are then separated from each other. Once removed, the metal is finished using various techniques. The product is finished and sent to the client.

Metal casting is a huge part of our daily lives, even if we don’t know it! At any given time, you are not far away from something that has been created using the metal casting process. This could include items from your household, like your pots and pans. It could also be street signs and building materials, railway cars and fire hydrants, and so much more.

foundries in Canada
Foundries in Canada 2022

What is a metal casting company?

A metal casting company, (sometimes known as a foundry) is a company that specializes in producing finished products from raw metals and alloys. Once a part or product is finished, they sell and distribute these parts to buyers or other distributors. A lot of work and detail go into setting up a working foundry and creating these cast products. Companies have customized machines such as oversized melting furnaces, large ladles, forklifts, cranes, transfer vessels, and much more!

There is an abundance of metal casting companies on the market, but it is important to know which ones you should choose before moving forward with your project.

Best Metal Casting Companies in Canada

After much investigation, we have created a list of some of the best metal casting companies in Canada.

MIRA Allow Steels Private Limited




Custom Castings Limited




Canadian Specialty Castings




Carpenter Die Casting Co. Ltd




Dynacast Montreal




MIRA Alloy Steels Foundry

MIRA Allow Steels Private Limited is a high-performance organization and gains more eminence each year through the quality of products it supplies.

MIRA is an exporter and domestic supplier of steel castings. It is one of the few foundries in the country and the region known to make, since starting production significant exports to EU and North America, two of the largest valve markets in the world.

Domestically, MIRA is known to be the preferred supplier of steel castings and fully machined valve components to manufacturers who are among the fastest growing valve companies in the world.

MIRA sends castings by air and sea to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, and U.A.E. MIRA has good customer base in the export market it serves. That number continues to grow as more customers are referred by existing ones, which is noteworthy and good validation for MIRA.

Custom Castings Limited

Custom Castings Limited is committed to seeing projects through, from initial engineering to final shipping of parts. Their mission is to add value to every step of the manufacturing process through a broad range of services and to meet exact specifications and requirements, without compromising quality.

As part of Nordstern Group, their partner companies cohesively work together to provide efficient manufacturing solutions for your businesses. Whether you need permanent mold castings or collaborative combination of permanent mold castings, sand castings, tooling solutions, and surface coatings, their holistic operation allows them to do it quickly and economically.

Canadian Specialty Castings

Canadian Specialty Castings is a division of Canadian Babbitt Bearings Ltd., A Russell Industries Company. Through a combination of performance, skill, and dedication to quality, they have become a leader of sand casting foundries in Canada.

They provide a wide range of services and products to their customers all over North America. Canadian Specialty Castings and it’s sister companies have the resources to provide value-added solutions to their customers, from pattern design through casting simulation, high quality sand castings with specialized heat treatment done, plus finish machining along with NDE services as one complete package.